Tapes & Windows

Having the right tapes for your windows is important to make sure they are airtight, weatherproof, and help with energy efficiency of the building.  Here at illbruck, we have the right solution for your project.

Solutions for Different Window Installation Positions

When it comes to energy efficiency, windows are the nuts and bolts. However, the best window is only as good as its seal, so it is important that the window connection is carefully considered in the planning phase. According to the RAL requirement, it must be "internally more vapour-tight than outside" in order to meet the requirements for energy saving, longevity and an optimal room climate.

The window's position is equally important, as incorrect positioning can lead to a high level of relative humidity that persists for extended periods of time. This can cause problems further down the line, with condensation forming in the most serious cases. Anyone making lazy compromises during the positioning and sealing process risks consequences such as moisture damage and mould.

According to the 3-level model, joints are:

  • inside: airtight
  • middle: heat and sound insulating
  • external: durable rain tight and vapour permeable.

Multifunctional tapes are able to seal joints at all three levels with just one product. Nothing is faster, more economical and safer.

Alternatively, window joints can be sealed with three individual products using impregnated joint tapes for the external and internal joint. Since there are numerous requirements for tapes, the tapes are subdivided into different groups (DIN 18542 by Beuth Verlag) with regard to external application, these are BG1 or BG2 or BGR.