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TP652 is an open cell, flexible polyurethane foam impregnated with flame-retarding modified synthetic resin. It is solvent free and self adhesive for easy use. TP652 differs from standard impregnated foams due to the innovative illbruck composite step technology, indicated by the extra layer of grey foam towards the inner face. This results in multi-functional capability providing airtightness to Passive House levels, and in addition, a higher sd value, which means increased vapour tightness on the inside of the joint. As with all illbruck impregnated tapes, weather tightness is assured (600 Pa minimum) and the greater depth into the joint ensures the thermal performance of the window is maintained. TP652 enhances the acoustic insulation of installed windows, providing up to 61 dB sound reduction when capped with SP525.


TP653 is a premium multi-functional tape for the perimeter sealing of windows and doors and is covered on the internal face with the new illbruck polymer film. This results in a high level of air and smoke tightness and a higher sd value to the inside whilst being vapour permeable to the outside. This complies with the principle ‘inside tighter than outside’ per the RAL guideline. Weather tightness and thermal and acoustic insulation is also provided through the whole depth of the perimeter joint.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

  • Multi-functional and wide area of application
  • 600 Pa, BG1 and BGR tested according to DIN 18542
  • Complies with the requirements of the RAL assembly guidelines
  • Wedge-shape for easy assembly
  • Achieves 41 dB sound reduction, increasing to 61 dB if capping internally with SP525
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