Sealants & Adhesives

illbruck has an extensive range of high performing sealants and adhesives - giving you the right performance and finish, whatever your application.

Our innovative sealants & adhesives range include a range of products for internal and external applications including bathrooms and commercial kitchens, windows and facades, joints, flooring and more.

Our popular FS125 low-mod sealant is a premium frame and facade silicone, which is available in a variety of colours, to give you the perfect finish with great adhesion to multiple surface types.

illbruck's sealant range also includes products with no migratory staining, such as the FA880 Premium Natural Stone Silicone - so you can be confident in the high quality long-term look of the building.

Accessories and Ancillary Products

As well as our high performance sealants and adhesives, illbruck's range includes a variety of accessories to support the application including:

  • jointing tools and smoothing spray to get the perfect finish
  • cartridge and sausage guns
  • cleaners

Need support?

Not sure which product is right for your application?  Talk to our expert team who will be happy to assist - we can provide advice on the the right sealant for the types of surface, adhesion and elasticity required, and performance. 

We can also provide testing as required to check the compatibility and adhesion on a particular surface such as powder coated metals, timber, PVC, ceramics, concrete and more.

Hybrid Technology

Our hybrid sealants and adhesives combine the positive mechanical qualities of a polyurethane with the outstanding application characteristics and the resistance of a silicone.

Hybrid Sealants & Adhesives

Sealant & Adhesive Foils

Sealant and adhesive foils are a cost effective and sustainable alternative to typical plastic cartridges. Less waste, more product.

Sealant & Adhesive Foils