illbruck membranes offer tested and durable solutions for various fields of application.  Are you meeting the latest building regulations in terms of airtightness, thermal bridging, and vapour control? Choose illbruck membranes.

For the airtight and waterproof sealing of building envelopes, the membrane range includes various technologies that differ in terms of their properties and processing.

Starting with the i-MEMBRANES with intelligent moisture management and variable SD value, through to roof and façade membranes with a special UV temperature. Plus Polymer to the self-adhesive window membranes, butyl and bitumen tapes as well as EPDM membranes.

We have internal and external membranes within our range, as well as fire classified membranes and vapour control layer.  Our technical experts can support with helping you choose and specify the right membrane for your project.

Fire Classified Membranes & VCLs

The Building Regulations Approved Document B: Fire safety, B4 states: "The external walls of the building shall adequately resist the spread of fire over the walls and from one building to another having regard to the height, use and position of the building."

It's important to use fire classified products as needed to meet the regulations.  The illbruck range of membranes incorporates fire classified solutions to support your construction.

Our popular range includes ME010, which is a facade breather membrane for external use that complies with the reaction to fire classification Class B-s3, d0 according to EN13501-1.

We also supply ME060, an air and vapour barrier on the interior side of lightweight steel and timber frame systems. ME060 has an enhanced reaction to fire classification and is highly suited to construction projects designated as ‘relevant buildings‘ as defined in Approved Document B - it complies with Class A2-s1, d0  to EN 13501-1.

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Membranes for airtightness and vapour control

Updates to Approved Documents F, L, and O as well as the Future Homes Standard and Future Buildings Standard require relevant buildings to ensure airtightness - air permeability values have been reduced resulting in need for tapes & membranes.

It is crucial to ensure that the building design accommodates the latest requirements as well as making sure that appropriate materials are selected.

We have intelligent membranes as part of our range, including ME508 which provides excellent air tightness  whilst allowing water vapour to diffuse out to the exterior of the building, ensuring no moisture build up which can lead to mould and mildew.

Our team can support with specifying the right products and systems for your project, as well as supporting with onsite training and toolbox talks to ensure a smooth application.

Self-adhesive timesaving membranes

In addition to plain membranes that are mounted with an illbruck hybrid adhesive,
there are membranes with a full-surface self-adhesive. 

The easy 'peel and stick' solution is a timesaving solution and avoids the use of any harmful solvents.  The weight of the adhesive provides reliable and secure bonding.

These membranes feature a strong and reliable self-adhesive, allowing bonding to virtually any substrate (eg masonry, concrete, PVC, metal, wood, and all usual insulation materials - making application fast and simple. The combination of self-adhesives provide options for installing to the window frame edge or face, providing air and weather tightness.

i3 Sealing System

illbruck i3 provides a state-of-the-art universal sealing system for the perimeter sealing of windows, that seals OUT weather while sealing IN comfort and energy savings.

i3 Sealing System

Membrane Selector

Select the right membrane for your application - our handy chart gives you the information you need to choose the membrane for your next project.

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