Fire Rated Membranes

Selecting the right membrane is vitally important when a fire rated external wall detail is required. illbruck membranes offer tested and durable solutions for various fields of application. Learn more now. 

When selecting membranes for projects within UK & Ireland, architects, specifiers, and main contractors should now take extra precautions to ensure that the correct system is selected to serve the primary function.

Regulatory updates to Approved Document B (ADB) which are now in force, mean that any membranes applied to the external walls should achieve a minimum reaction to fire of Class B-s3, d0 according to EN 13501-1 for relevant and in-scope buildings across England.

Whilst it is important to remember that membranes are not designed to be fire stopping material or fire breaks and as such are not required to achieve a Class A rating – membranes installed should meet the rigorous requirements outlined within Approved Document B and the building code of practice.

Illbruck, a true construction products manufacturer, offers a range of membranes that exceed current building regulations. Ensuring our customers can confidently specify and install fully certified and independently tested systems.

Our range of breathable membranes and vapour control layers allows designers to utilise the weather protection and air leakage benefits of available from illbruck with confidence, even in the most demanding applications where fire safety is critical. Explore our range below. 

Fire Rated Membranes - In Practice

Ensuring the challenge of delivering a fit for purpose fire rated membrane is achieved, requires a variety of solutions tailored to meet the individual project requirements. Our specification and technical team are on hand to ensure that installation and application of selected fire rated membranes are well matched and successfully installed. 

Explore our project case studies and technical insights for more information. 

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Whilst all materials fixed to the external wall have to be non-combustible (Class A1) or of limited combustibility (A2-s1, d0) to EN13501-1, there are certain exemptions including for membranes, which are required to be minimum Class B-s3, d0. illbruck ME010 Façade UV & Fire Membrane achieves Class B-s1, d0 when tested with SP025 Adhesive. Most membranes, including illbruck ME220 (EPDM) and ME501/ME508 (Intelligent) are Class E as are most sealants. More information can be found in our Approved Document B 2019 Fire Safety.

In this case, the sd value should be as high as possible (eg illbruck ME003 has an sd value of 107m) and a minimum vapour resistance of 200 MNs/g.

Breather membranes need to be capable of withstanding driving rain (usually to a minimum of 600 Pa) and by definition need to be vapour permeable and the measurement of this is by reference to the membrane’s vapour resistance (measured in MNs/g – Mega Newton seconds per gram). Another widely used measure is the ‘sd value ’ – this is the equivalent air layer thickness in metres (m). In the case of both measurements, these can only be stated based on the specific thickness of the material. For optimum vapour permeability, the vapour resistance of a membrane should be < 0.6MNs/g.

Specifying Our Products Just Got Easier 

NBS source gives you the ability to specify Illbruck’s products in several workflows. It provides a single source of construction product information presented in a consistent and structured format, enabling architects to find, select and specify products to project workflows.

Explore our range and simply click "add to spec"to start the seamless specification process today. 

Visualise our fire rated membranes in situ...

Explore the below 3D model, which highlights a standard A class membrane configuration behind a brick façade. 

These membranes form part of the only complete range of compliant, tested, and compatible façade building protection products. illbruck's recently launched range of FR membranes ensures that there is a suitable solution for all applications - all available from a single source supplier. Experts in the field of façades, with over 75 years of experience, the illbruck team is on hand to support with your project enquiries or provide on-site technical and installation training where required. 

FR Window & Door Sealing Membrane (ME010)
FR Window & Door Sealing Membrane (ME010) is a vapour permeable polyester, airtight and fully watertight membrane used as a perimeter membrane seal to the external side of glazed units such as windows, doors, and curtain walling.
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FR Window & Door Sealing Membrane (ME010)
FR Window & Door Sealing Membrane (ME010) is a vapour permeable polyester, airtight and fully watertight membrane used as a perimeter membrane seal to the external side of glazed units such as windows, doors, and curtain walling.
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FR Breather Membrane ALU (ME050)
ME050 FR Breather Membrane (ALU) is a reflective breather membrane which is A2-s1, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1 and water resistant to Class W1 in accordance with EN 13859-2.
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Adhesive Tape A2 (ME355)
Self adhesive and reinforced tape with an aluminum face, used to bond and seal membrane joints and overlaps to create a Class A2-s1, d0 system with defined illbruck membranes.
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ME060 is a laminated, aluminium foil faced glass fibre reinforced, air and vapour control membrane with a reaction to fire classification of A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1.
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