Fire Door Safety Week

Samantha Boden / 01 November 2022

Fire doors are an important part of a building’s passive fire protection.  Ensuring the right products and foams are specified and installed is crucial.  In the event of a fire, using the wrong product or one that is untested, could result in smoke or fire entering buildings, flats, or corridors potentially resulting in injury or death.

Tremco CPG UK provides a wide range of passive fire protection solutions which are produced under the Nullifire brand, a recognised and trusted expert in the fire protection industry.  Nullifire FF197 is a tried and tested fire foam solution for sealing door frames, window frames, and linear gaps throughout the fire rated areas of a building.  It is easy to apply, tack free in just 10 minutes, and meets the requirements for FD30, FD60, and FD120.  Plus, only generic plastic and wood packers, rather than the special intumescent versions, are required when fixing the door frame and using Nullifire FF197.

The foam will adhere to most common substrates, including masonry, plaster or timber.  It cures within an hour (depending on ambient conditions) to form a semi-rigid foam that can accommodate some degree of movement of the joint, whilst sealing gaps to resist smoke and fire.  The product has been smoke control and fire resistance tested, and can even provide up to 30 minutes fire resistance on softwood stud wall door sets.

It’s critical to make sure that the products being used and specified around fire doors are properly tested, meet all the required specifications and regulations, and that they provide an appropriate resistance time.

Nullifire FF197 fire rated foam gives peace of mind, having been tested to BS EN 1366-4, BS EN 1634-1, BS EN 1634-3, and also meets BS 476-20 & 22.  Significantly, the product passed the extensive fire testing requirements of BS EN1634-1 at an independent laboratory, achieving 60 minutes fire resistance, without the addition of architraves.  It has also been shown to provide up to four hours of resistance in certain applications (when used alongside Nullifire FS702 intumescent acrylic or FS703 silicone sealant).

Nullifire FF197 is available as a grey foam, which is supplied in a 2-in-1 gun & nozzle canister for easy application.  Specifiers and installers can be confident when choosing Nullifire FF197 - with its good stock and availability, extensive smoke control and fire resistance testing, and the accompanying support from the experienced technical team at CPG UK. 

For more information, or for support with specification, finding out who your nearest illbruck distributor is, or for on-site application training, contact us.