EIFS (External Insulated Facade System), Solid Wall

Renders of various types represent a popular choice for the external finish to buildings. The render may have to be applied in several layers, usually on an insulation backing, with reinforcing coats and meshes incorporated in the build-up of the wall.

Reinforcements may also be required at interfaces, such as around window openings, in order to control cracking of the render due to differential movements. The substrate to which the insulation/render is attached may be a solid masonry construction, or a framed wall (e.g. SFS) with sheathing/carrier boards attached to provide a level surface. Solid backing walls will generally have less movement and therefore the render is less prone to cracking, unless a cavity is incorporated behind the insulation, when greater movement can be expected. Similarly, with framed backing walls, movement may be greater and this must be taken into account during the design of the render system. Retention of the insulation may depend solely on adhesives or mechanical fixings may be used.

The refurbishment of existing buildings provides a popular use for EIFS, which can benefit the building not only aesthetically, but also by improving thermal insulation, reducing condensation on internal surfaces, and stabilising deteriorating surfaces.

illbruck can provide robust sealing methods that not only seal the areas in question but also allow the building to breathe, thus reducing the risk of rot and mould damage caused by interstitial condensation. There are many options available in terms of how to detail your windows into EIFS and we can help determine which is most suitable for your project.