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ME220 is an EPDM-based membrane used for sealing interfaces to provide airtight or weather tight seals. It is suitable for wide ranging installation capabilities in non-standard details. The material does not contain any solvents which could later migrate into adjacent surfaces. Self adhesive (VV) version is also available.


ME220 EPDM membrane is used for sealing the connecting joint between a window or a façade and an adjacent structure (e.g. a wall, concrete panel, steel frame, etc.), or to provide an internal air-tight barrier in a similar detail. Where the membrane is positioned in the cold zone however, a vapour tight membrane such as EPDM can increase the risk of condensation, and a vapour open membrane such as ME501 Duo Membrane HD is normally a better solution. If an internal and external membrane is required, in order to meet the principle of ‘inside tighter than outside’, ME220 should be located as the inner membrane and ME501 Duo Window Membrane HD as the outer membrane. This will ensure that the inner seal is more vapour tight than the outer which will facilitate drying out of any entrapped moisture between the two layers.

For final sealing of overlaps and membrane connections, use OT015 adhesive. Connections of membranes to asphalt or PVC hydro-insulation foils must be made with a transition metal sheet. The above membrane adhesives may not be compatible with these materials, which may inhibit the effectiveness of the required water tightness. Refer to sales office for further advice.When bonding the membrane to styrene foam or similar, OT008 Paste Adhesive should be used. Application of OT008 is as above guidance for OT015. Compatibility tests should, however, be done prior to use.This data sheet should be read in conjunction with those for the relevant adhesive(s), (OT015, OT008 or CT113) and ME241 EPDM Corners.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

  • High resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Excellent movement capability in both transverse and longitudinal direction with excellent material recovery after elongation.
  • Excellent weathering, ageing and UV radiation resistance.
  • Excellent moisture vapour barrier.
ME220 Installation of illbruck Membranes to Windows and Doors Application Instructions (en-GB).pdf Application Instructions
ME220 Method Statement (en-GB).pdf Remedial Method Statements
ME220 Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets
ME220 Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Product Data Sheets
ME220 Water Tightness Technical Advise (en-GB).pdf Technical Advice
ME220 EPDM Membrane Systems BBA Certificate (en-GB).pdf Certification