Decorating & Finishing

Fill cracks, smooth surfaces and prepare surfaces for decorating and finishing - illbruck has sealants and adhesives which are low odour and over paintable making them perfect for interior decorating and finishing.

LD730 is a flexible, mould resistant acrylic sealant for use in painting and decorating. It provides an over-paintable seal for filling cracks and gaps around door and window frames, penetrations, damaged plaster and other wall and ceiling surfaces.

As well as decorating products, we also have adhesives suitable for interior woodworking applications.  Our range includes wood adhesives ideal for bonding wood, decorative laminates, chipboard, blockboard, veneers and similar substrates. illbruck WD120 is suitable for use in high humidity indoor environments and indoor or outdoor applications where intermittent contact with cold or hot water may occur.

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