ME014 FR Breather Membrane BLACK (PA)

W1 (Watertight) Reaction to Fire B-s3, d0 to EN 13501-1

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FR Breather Membrane Black (ME014) is a vapour permeable polyester, airtight and watertight breather membrane used as a traditional full façade breather membrane.

It is supplied on a 1500 mm x 50 m log and is installed directly over appropriate substrate types such as thermal insulation and sheathing boards to provide weather and UV protection to the built-up wall in closed, open, or partially
open façades.

When installed as a full façade breather membrane over substrates with a minimum Class A2-s1, d0 fire performance, FR Breather Membrane Black (ME014) achieves a Class B-s3,
d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1.

FR Breather Membrane Black (ME014) should be used in conjunction with FR Window Sealing Membrane (ME010) to
seal windows, doors and linear joints.

When used together they form a continuous weather and airtight barrier around the full building envelope including structural openings.

FR Breather Membrane Black (ME014) meets the fire performance requirements for membranes installed on “relevant and higher risk buildings" as defined in
Approved Document B of the Building Regulations for England and Wales.

It is important that FR Breather Membrane Black (ME014) is installed in the correct orientation with the smooth/glossy coated side always facing outwards towards the external environment.


FR Breather Membrane Black (ME014) is a permanently UV stable, specially coated polyester based, airtight, watertight and vapour permeable membrane that is compliant with the regulatory requirements for use on ‘Relevant and Higher Risk Buildings’ as described in Approved Document B.

FR Breather Membrane Black (ME014) acts as a breather membrane when applied directly over thermal insulation or to compatible sheathing board.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

  • Permanently UV-resistant
  • Reaction to Fire Class B-s3, d0
  • Easy to apply, fold and manipulate.
  • Water resistant to EN 1928 at 24 hours and resistant to wind driven rain.
  • Airtight and can achieve Passiv Haus standards.
  • Breathable (vapour-open)
  • High range of in-service temperature resistance
  • Non branded, plain black finish – suitable for visible applications
  • Environmentally friendly - EC1+
Application of FR Breather Membranes (Non-Self Adhesive Strips) Dec 2023.pdf Application Instructions
ME014 Declaration of Performance (en-GB).pdf Declaration of Performance
ME014 Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets
ME014 FR Breather Membrane Black TDS (en-GB).pdf TDS
Illbruck FR Façade Membrane Range Brochure (en-GB).pdf Brochure