i3 System

Explore the most common questions we get asked about our i3 system now...

What is the ‘i3 System’?

This is a window (or door) perimeter sealing system providing three functional levels: Weather and airtightness and insulation. By installing appropriate products which provide these functions, a robust seal is achieved which will ensure that the weather and energy saving properties of the window will be maintained. Why install a highly rated window (eg A++ to BFRC WER scheme, or the lowest U-value possible) without a similarly performing perimeter seal?

What is the i3 System comprised of?

There are different product options:

External seal – weathertightness: TP600/TP450 Impregnated foam tape, or ME501/ME501 VV/ME508 Intelligent Membranes.

Middle seal – thermal and acoustic insulation: FM330 Pro Foam Air Seal (PU foam).

Internal seal – airtightness: ME508 Intelligent Membranes and ME480 Butyl Tape BB (Meets Class B-s1, d0 for relevant buildings).

Additional products which may be necessary are SP525 Frame & Facade Sealant & Adhesive and ME901/ME902/ME904 Primers for potential use for certain substrates or application conditions. Alternatively, the i3 System can be installed with all three levels provided from a single product – TP650 or TP654 Trio. These are multi-functional tapes which reduce the installation time by up to 80% compared with the conventional three separate products.

What performance guarantee does the i3 System have?

The system has BBA accreditation and additionally has a 10 year warranty subject to product and installation details being recorded (see i3 literature for further information).