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How Many Canisters Do I Need For My Project?

It’s always delicate to have an estimation of consumables for a building site. It’s not easy to know how many cans of foams are needed, what’s worse is to be stopped because you’re missing product. But also, conversely, to order too much products implies to refind a new use, or resend products…

To make your order and decision easier we have provided the tool below which will help you to decide how many pieces you must order to cover your requirements. Provide the data requested in the calculator, and you will be given an estimation of the number of cans required.


Disclaimer: Yield calculations based on 23 degrees and 50% relative humidity. The yield will drop if the temperature or humidity is lower (or increase if warmer and more humid). Quantities can vary according to your project. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us

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