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More than 60 years of illbruck Tapes

Experience is priceless

GET TO THE TOP. If you want to go with the times, you must always be one step ahead. Following this motto, we have been developing and producing pre-compressed sealing tapes for over 60 years. In 2007, for example, we revolutionized the sealing market with the introduction of the first multifunctional tape. But our standard for tested safety drives us too, so TP600 was the first joint sealing tape with CE mark.

1955 - Launch of the first tapes with PU-foam bitumen impregnation

1965 - Launch of the first illmod tapes

1983 - Opening plant in Bodenwöhr

1990 - Launch illmod 150 with an impregnation

1995 - Launch illmod 600 with an acrylic impregnate

1995 - Start the outdoor exposure test annual with MPA

2000 - Launch TP001 and TP601

2004 - Launch TP602 illmod max

2005 - CE-label for TP600

2007 - Invention and launch of TP650 the first multifunctional tape worldwide

2010 - Launch of TP652

2015 - Invention and launch of the Step Technology for multifunctional tapes

2019 - Invention and launch of TP653 the multifunctional tape with a polymer membrane on the inside

2019 - Invention and launch of the patent linerless technology for TP600 and TP652