You’ve been barking up the wrong tree!

Laura Smith / 01 November 2023

Illbruck UK launches game changing building façade protection range on 01.11.2023

In today’s building façade construction industry; architects, specifiers, main contractors and distributors are faced with a range of products suitable for the protection of the built-up wall. But today, Illbruck UK, poses the question, “have you been barking up the wrong tree?”

Illbruck UK, a leading and true product manufacturer for membranes, adhesives and sealants, today announce the launch of their game changing building façade protection range. Following a period of development and significant investment ensuring the products available are compliant to latest building regulations, compatible with one another and fully tested to offer assurance to the market place – we are delighted to announce the introduction of not one, but six, fire rated membranes.

This game-changing addition to the UK market, ensures that buildings across the UK are protected to the highest of standards, verified fire classification to BS EN 13501-1, as well as offering weather protection, improved product performance and quicker installation times.

A core product introduction to this range is illbruck’s, FR Breather Membrane (WHITE), a non-combustible and highly vapour permeable breather membrane which is A1 in accordance to EN 13501-1 and water resistant to class W2 in accordance with EN 13859-2. Illbruck’s FR Breather Membrane, also known as ME055, has been designed for applications on high rise buildings, timber frame construction, public buildings and off-site construction.

This non-combustible membrane is highly breathable, water resistant with an Sd value of 0.03m and has an air permeability of 27m3/m2.h.50 Pa.

Alistair Inglis, Sales Director at Illbruck UK comments, “We understand that architects have a requirement to future proof a buildings design by selecting the correct products for their specifications. Not only does the new range available from Illbruck UK, allow them to do this, but it also gives developers, main contractors and building owners the most robust, compliant solutions available on the market place.”

“Our investment in this range is a game changer for all across the industry, offering a single source of supply for all fire rated (FR) membrane requirements, is something which hasn’t been done before. Working closely with our international colleagues, we have ensured that the products offered within newly launched range offer the UK industry, more choice, whilst providing assurance of compliance with building regulations.”

Laura Smith, UK Head of Marketing for Tremco CPG UK adds, “The launch of this range offers an exciting time for the team here at Tremco CPG UK. Ideal for both the new build and refurbishment projects, the products available are suitable for all “relevant and higher risk buildings” within the UK.”

“Also, a suitable choice for modular and offsite construction projects, this range of products can support consistency and quality assurance processes of factory-built construction modules.”

For more information about how the illbruck building façade protection range can support your upcoming projects and to see how the team at illbruck can work with you to understand your unique façade solution requirements please contact us at