You’ve Asked, We’ve Listened – LD730 310ml box quantity updated in line with market requirements.

Laura Smith / 12 February 2024

LD730 Acrylic Sealant 310ml is now stocked in boxes of 25. This flexible, mould-resistant sealant has been developed for use in internal painting and decorating applications. Providing applicators with an over-paintable seal for filling cracks and gaps around door and window frames, penetrations, damaged plaster, and other wall and ceiling surfaces.

Our change in box quantity has been driven by customer requirements and brings us in line with the market requirements. Please note, the price per 310ml cartridge will not change, but the price of boxes will change to reflect the new quantity.

Product Benefits of LD730:

  • Ideal for filling and sealing small cracks and gaps throughout building interiors
  • Over-paintable: will overcoat with a wide range of paints
  • Solvent-free: no unpleasant solvent odours
  • Contains fungicide to prevent mould growth - suitable for sanitary applications.

For updated information on box pricing, please contact a member of our customer services team, who will be able to give you an updated quote. For more information on this product and its benefits, please visit our dedicated product page.