Sanitary Application

In humid environments, mould and mildew can be a problem. Whether it's bathrooms, kitchens or shower rooms, the illbruck range includes sealants and adhesives with fungicides for sanitary applications.

How to prevent mould

No-one wants mould in the bathroom. After all, not only does it look unsightly, it can also be very harmful to your health.

Why does it still frequently occur? Because the ideal living conditions for mould are unfortunately often found here: combination of moisture and warmth. Move the mouse around over the spots set in the bathroom and find out more

Good ventilation means a blast of fresh air. Hours of ventilation with the window tilted open not only means expending energy, it also fails to provide the complete exchange of air which is necessary. It is better to completely refresh the moisture-laden air in the bathroom three to four times a day.
Make sure you turn the heating on often enough. Otherwise the dampness in the air created by showering and bathing precipitates on the cooled walls. An ideal breeding ground for mould.
Fresh air
Don't just waft the air into a neighbouring room, but rather out of a wide-open window which leads directly outdoors. In addition: The frequency and duration of ventilation depends on the temperature difference between the room and the outside. The colder it is outside, the shorter the ventilation period should be – but the more frequent.
Professional finishing of adjoining surfaces
Mould prevention begins with the professional finishing of joints. This means that surfaces should be smooth and angled. Only in this way are they water repellent. Surfaces where the water cannot run off, due to a cove shape, are far more susceptible to mould.
Cleaning and drying
The corners where surfaces adjoin should be rinsed with clean water after each bath or shower. This gets rid of soap residue and other dirt particles which form a breeding ground for mould. The joints should then be wiped dry with a cloth or soft sponge.

Choosing a sanitary sealant gives you excellent resistance to mould and mildew - making it the ideal product for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas subject to high humidity.