illbruck offers sealant applicators the reassurance of excellent product knowledge and on site expertise, to deliver joint solutions for internal and external applications that can withstand heavy use over time. With a combination of hybrid and silicone sealants available, and a range of tapes and accessories illbruck is able to offer problem free sealing for most applications and façade types, with the certainty of product compatibility.

Expert Knowledge

illbruck recognises that not all projects are the same and that solutions often have to be adapted to suit the project in question. Critically, we recognise that joint are an increasingly important detail of facades, and whilst catering for movement, the joint must look aesthetically pleasing.

Here at illbruck, we will take the time to review your project, the particular problems and challenges that you face and recommend the solutions that we feel are most suitable for the application. Andrew Thomson is the UK’s Masonry Façade Expert and has a wealth of knowledge that has been gained from over 30 years working in the industry. Andrew is supported by a team of experts who are able to assist with product development, internal and external technical support.

Our range of services includes:

  • Dedicated masonry façade sealing experts
  • Extensive technical support before and during your project
  • Expertise combining sealants and impregnated tapes
  • Comprehensive construction, application and substrate knowledge
  • The most advanced hybrid and silicone sealants in the marketplace

We want you to win projects and have much greater certainty of:

  • The best product selection for the application
  • Appropriate installation and less call backs
  • Installed performance and great customer feedback
  • Less risk when the project is complete

Brick and Block

Bricks are widely used as a construction material for building façades. When it comes to joint sealing, bricks are doubly challenging: the extremely slender form of these components lead to horizontal and vertical shear forces.

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Cast and Natural Stone Cladding

Natural stone and construction chemicals can be a delicate combination. Unsuitable sealants turn joints into visible scars when plasticizers migrate into the stone. This can be avoided by using the appropriate adhesives, tapes or sealants.

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Precast Concrete

Structural joints play a central role in modern exposed concrete architecture, both in construction techniques and as a design element.

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