Sealant & Adhesive Foils

Cartridges have been the standard packaging type for sealants and adhesives for years - but with moves towards more sustainable solutions, less waste, and plastic tax, foil packs are a great alternative.

Foil packs are a more economical and sustainable alternative to standard cartridges.  Instead of a hard plastic tube, the foil surrounds the sealant and is closed at each end - hence why they're sometimes referred to as 'sausages'.

There are multiple benefits to choosing foils over cartridges for sealants on your project:

More for the same

You can get approximately 35% more product for the same physical size - for example, a 310ml cartridge is approximately the same size as a 400ml foil.


Switching to foils from cartridges could give you an approximate 10% cost reduction.

Waste reduction

Once completely empty, a foil sausage compacts down, taking up just 5% of the space of a traditional cartridge.  Giving you a significant reduction in waste disposal and associated costs.

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