FM110 Window Foam B1

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FM110 is a rapid curing gun grade fire-retardant polyurethane foam. It is compatible with many substrates and has excellent adhesion and fire-retardant properties.


This one-component B1 classification polyurethane foam is suitable for filling the connection joints of window and door frames, as well as for insulation. It adheres excellently to a variety of common construction substrates, such as concrete, masonry, stone, plaster, wood, fiber cement, metal and numerous plastics (polystyrene, PUR rigid foam, polyester, rigid PVC).

  • High sound and heat insulation
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Resistant to decay, heat, water, and many chemicals
  • Rapid curing time and fast cutting time
  • B1 Fire classification to DIN 4102-1
FM110 Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets
FM110 Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS