Product Spotlight: ME010 FR Window & Door Sealing Membrane

Laura Smith / 24 November 2023

Product Spotlight: ME010 FR Window & Door Sealing Membrane 

A crucial element of the design process for all constructions is to ensure buildings are protected against all known weather events, including the ingress of water, moisture, and condensation. Once water penetrates the protective skin of a building it can cause significant damage and deterioration of the structure and its contents as well as contribute to the occurrence of dampness and mould which is rapidly becoming a major concern relating to health-related illnesses for the occupants.

What is a breather membrane?

A breathable (vapour permeable) membrane can provide protection against the elements when applied to the exterior side of the construction. Breather membranes, such as ME010 from illbruck, help to minimize the formation of dampness and mould by allowing the building to breathe thus releasing excess or trapped moisture and condensation from the inside to the outside of the building. It also importantly provides an air and weather-tight barrier around the full external façade.

Let's Focus:

illbruck’s ME010 Façade UV & Fire Membrane is a fully third-party accredited system, when used as a full façade breather membrane or when installed as a fully air and watertight perimeter seal for use around windows, doors, and curtain walling. When installed and bonded to the substrate using SP025 Fire Membrane Adhesive as a system it achieves a reaction to fire performance of Class B-s1, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1.

ME010 is primarily a breather membrane – used either as a full façade application or in narrower widths as a window perimeter interface seal. In both applications, the product is airtight and achieves a water resistance classification of W1 when tested at 2 and 24 hours to EN 1928. When tested in applications around projecting windows in lightweight steel frame construction, ME010 remains 100% weathertight at a pressure of 1200 Pa – the equivalent to wind-driven rain in hurricane conditions!

Key Product Benefits:

  • Permanently UV-Resistant
  • Reaction to Fire Class B-s1, d0 when bonded with SP025 adhesive
  • Airtight and can achieve Passiv Haus standards
  • W1 water resistance
  • High range of in-service temperature resistance
  • Environmentally friendly – achieves EC1+

Installing a product like ME010 Breather Membrane will provide the necessary protection to buildings from water-related issues and help to reduce the occurrence of mould and dampness in well-designed buildings across the UK. For more information regarding the additional breather membranes that are offered through the illbruck range, don’t hesitate to contact us today or visit our website for more information.