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Flange Seal/Acoustic Tape

TN119 is a single sided polyethylene foam tape with a fixed film liner on the non-adhesive face. The product comprises a conformable 100% closed cell foam which is coated on one face with a high tack acrylic adhesive. Being closed cell, the product forms an excellent air seal under moderate compression.


TN119 is single sided closed cell polyethylene foam tape with a fixed film on the non-adhesive face. It is used to provide an airtight seal around flange joints in HVAC ductwork.
TN119 is used within the modular construction market as a spacer tape between dissimilar metals or where absorption of vibration, shock or expansion/contraction are required.

  • A quick and easy way to achieve an airtight seal at ductwork connections, ideal for confined areas
  • 100% closed-cell PE foam provides an airtight seal even under minimal levels of compression
  • Excellent insulation properties against shock, vibration and movement
  • Provides a barrier to thermal bridging, galvanic corrosion and acoustic transmission
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