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Breather Membrane UV

ME011 is a functional membrane for protecting the building during the construction phase and the building fabric throughout its life.


For Exterior Use

This breather membrane provides a weather tight protection during the construction phase. Providing excellent aesthetics, whilst maintaining high performance weather protection, it lcan be directly laid on sheathing board or thermal insulation behind partially open rain screen façades or curtain walling.

Also available in wide format 3.2m version (ME009). Ideal for use in offsite/modular construction. 

  • 6 months UV stable during construction phase
  • Can be used within partially open façades up to 30mm gap
  • Non-branded, plain black finish
    - suitable for visible applications
  • Wide range of in-service temperature resistance
  • Highly vapour open
  • Air-tight and weather-tight


Item No.Roll WidthRoll LengthRolls/Box
3988721.5 m50 m1

Technical data

PropertyTest MethodResult
Grammage ~ 120 g/m² 
Thickness EN 1849-2~ 0.4 mm
Dimensional AccuracyEN 1107-2 < 1% 
Reaction to FireEN 13501-1 Class E
Resistance to Water Penetration EN1928
EN 13859-1/-2
After AgeingEN 1297/1296W1
Maximum Tensile Strength - Lengthwise/CrosswiseDIN 12311-1~ 320/210 N ± 20%
     After AgeingEN 1297/1296>75 % of value as new
Elongation of Break - Lengthwise/CrosswiseEN 12311-1

~ 35/25%

     After Ageing EN 1297/1296>75 % of value as new
Tear Growth Resistance / Nail ShankEN 12310-1~ 120/130 N ± 25%
Vapour Diusion - Equivalent Air Layer Thickness EN ISO 12572 SSd-value: ~ 0.15 m
Air PermeabilityEN 12114 ~ 0.1 m³/m².h.50 Pa
Service TemperatureEN 13859-1 -40°C to +120°C
Flexural Behaviour in Cold ConditionsEN 1109 < -20°C 
Durability for Water Vapour PermeabilityEN 1296Passed
UV Resistance 6 months
StorageStore in shaded, dry conditions and avoid stacking pallets
Shelf Life1 year when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging
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