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Floor Solutions

CPG UK offers a range of internal floor solutions to suit a variety of build-up options. This includes adhesives for board joint details – whether combined with traditional mechanical fix or totally bonded options – along with acoustic tapes, smoothing compounds, and floor adhesives.    

These integrated and flexible product systems offer faster build times through reduction or removal of mechanical fix, enhances acoustic and thermal properties, and perfectly smooth, permanently bonded floors. 

Benefits of our products: 

  • No floor movement or floor noise
  • Cushioning underfoot
  • Reduction or elimination of mechanical fix
  • Perfectly smooth uninterrupted floor finish

New Build Floors

The performance criteria for a new build floor will determine the range of products needed. We work with customers’ design and engineering teams to offer tailored solutions customised to meet the required specification.

Refurbished Floors

The illustrations above highlight commonly used CPG UK products but is by no means exhaustive. Many other products are available to meet differing applications and performance criteria. Get in touch today for more information.