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illbruck Sealant Applicator Partner Program

The illbruck Sealant Applicator Partner Program has been designed to support our network of sealant applicators in the UK. With the program, members benefit from wider accessibility to products, advance notice of new product introductions, project leads and onsite technical support. The illbruck Sealant Applicator Program will deliver benefits that will provide a competitive market advantage to its members.

The focus of the program is to enable tremco illbruck to build long lasting relationships and provide some very specific benefits to the members:

  1. Agreed stock management system 
  2. Continuous and ongoing product training
  3. Technical assistance
  4. Expedited delivery when required
  5. Qualified project leads
  6. Extended product warranty

Being a member of the Sealant Applicator Program is not for everyone… To be a member we will require you to participate in product training, meet performance and quality criteria and disclosure requirements. The advantage of becoming a member is that we will provide you with many of the tools that will allow you to be competitive in the market place. 

 For more information on the Sealant Applicator Program, please contact Andrew Thomson today.