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Illbruck Masonry Façade Experts

At tremco illbruck we have a Masonry Façade Expert in each country where we have a market presence. These experts have a wealth of knowledge in their specific product area and are perfectly placed to offer the right solutions for a particular project.

The correct jointing and sealing of a masonry façade is a key component to ensuring that the project has the correct aesthetic appearance. Get this wrong and it could affect the functionality of the joint and the entire façade.

In the UK, Andrew Thomson is our Masonry Façade expert and he has extensive substrate, application and building expertise. Andrew will work with top sealant applicators and members of our Sealant Applicator Partners Program to help overcome potential issues on site, which includes, providing correct product recommendations based on their performance characteristics and the projects requirements, onsite training if necessary and technical guidance where appropriate.

Our services include:

  • Understanding your project and your specific requirements to provide the best joint design
  • Training of sealant applicators where necessary • Assisting with the creation of specifications
  • Extensively understanding a projects substrates and application requirements
  • Ensure appropriate product selection for the project
  • Compatibility testing of products against substrates where necessary
  • Assist you with the appropriate installation approach to save you time and ensure performance 

Meet the illbruck Masonry Façade Expert
Call or email your Masonry Façade Expert today to get started on your next successful project. Contact Andrew Thomson.