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How Many Primer Canisters are Required for my Project?

Primers are used to improve sealant adhesion on various types of surfaces. Our calculator enables you to know how many canisters, or how much of our product you require resulting in less waste and high savings for you!

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Surface Area [m2]:
Primer Needed canisters Use per m² [ml] Availability [ml] Description
approx. approx.
AT101 138.00 500 Used to improve the adhesion of weathertight sealants to porous substrates.
AT115 46.00 1000 Cleaning and degreasing of surfaces such as metals, plastics, painted and powder-coated components.
AT120 96.00 500 Cleaning and improving the adhesion of weathertight sealants to a range of non-porous substrates.
AT140 73.00 500, 5000 Prior to application of illbruck SP hybrid sealants and adhesives on porous substrates such as concrete.
AT150 35.00 500 For non-porous substrates to improve adhesion of illbruck hybrid sealants and adhesives.
AT200 321.00 1000 Blend of solvents for cleaning and degreasing joint edges and adhesive surfaces and for cleaning working tools.

Disclaimer: Quantities can vary according to your project. Should you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us