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Compriband Super

TP605 is an acrylic impregnated foam sealant strip which when used under compression provides a high performance weatherseal. It can be used internally & externally for the linear sealing of movement joints


TP605 Compriband Super is designed for use internally or externally for the linear sealing of movement joints in a wide variety of construction and civil engineering applications, for example in brick and block work walls, partitions, as a perimeter seal around window and door frames, sealing pre-cast concrete panels, sectional buildings and insulated cladding panels.

After positioning, the material expands to find its own level and creates a permanent elastic seal. The product remains flexible throughout its life and responds to continual expansion and contraction cycles caused by thermal and structural movement.

  •     Excellent weather resistance – over 600 Pa
  •     Permanently flexible & breathable
  •     In-service life expectancy > 25 years

Usage Guidelines

No special surface preparation or primers are required but contact surfaces must be clean of dust, dirt, loose matter, grease or oils.

Technical data

Property Test Method Result 
Impregnation System -Acrylic 
Sealing Performance Under Compression by 80% (supplied pre-compressed by approx 85%) DIN EN ISO 1027 > 600 Pa 
UV Resistance ISO 53387 Pass 
Combustion Properties P-NDSO4-581 DIN 4102 -Part 1 B1 
Air Permeability DIN EN ISO 1026 < 0.1 m³/(h.m.daPa)n 
Compatibility KIWA – test method Pass 
Compatibility with sealants has to be tested in every caseDIN EN ISO 12572 <100 ì 
Certification  KOMO KEUR; K41903/01 
In-Service Life Expectancy  > 25 years 
Service Temperature -30°C to +85°C
All performance figures quoted are averages and subject to tolerances.  

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