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TN551 Non-Impregnated Single Sided PVC Foam with Filmic Liner

TN551 is soft fast recovery PVC foam coated on one side with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. The non-adhesive face has a fixed clear PET liner to allow for easy smooth unwind and no paper liner. The high tack acrylic adhesive bonds to a wide variety of surfaces including, glass, aluminium, HD plastics and others.


TN551 is a medium density PVC foam with a fixed polyester liner on one side and acrylic adhesive on the other.  Supplied as a self wound tape.  Is ideal for use in cladding, industrial doors and acoustic panelling as an air, dust, water and acoustic seal.

  • The polyester liner acts as a low friction surface allowing easy positioning of parts
  • The polyester liner acts as a release liner so reduces waste on site
  • The partially open cell nature of the foam allows excellent conformability to rough surfaces
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