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Non-Impregnated Butyl Shim Tape

TN414 is a cross-linked butyl pre-formed strip incorporating a continuous EPDM shim cord, supplied on fast release paper.


TN414 is designed for factory and site use, including: compression glazing of timber and, where there are serrations on the metalwork, aluminium windows/doors; situations where tape is compressed to the shim, (i.e. glass/unit is to be held within a compression cushion of between 700 and 1750 N/m); and curtain wall and sloped glazing.

  • Security seal: de-glazing by intruders extremely difficult
  • Leak-free, high performance: proven service record
  • Suitable for internal glazing
  • Excellent wet seal capability
  • Integral shim keeps glass/unit accurately spaced and transfers wind load from glass to frame
  • Resistant to UV exposure
  • Life expectancy 20+ years
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