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Panel Adhesive

PU010 is a rapid curing gun grade polyurethane, collapsing foam adhesive.


For Interior and Exterior Use

PU010 is a rapid curing gun grade polyurethane adhesive. A modern alternative to dot and dab adhesives, it is ideal for the rapid installation of plasterboard, insulation or acoustic panels, EIFS, roof decking and similar sheet materials.

PU010 is compatible with many common substrates including masonry, concrete, timber and metal.

  • An easy to use alternative to mortars and dry wall adhesives
  • Ideal for bonding plasterboard, insulation and EIFS panels
  • Plasterboard can be skimmed as soon as 40 minutes after installation
  • Expands to fill gaps, cavities and uneven surfaces
  • Compatible with a wide range of common building substrates
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