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Rapid Grip Construction Adhesive

MT460 is ideal for a vast range of construction applications, bonding most typical construction materials.


MT460 is a powerful construction adhesive with very high initial grab and cures rapidly to form a high strength permanent bond.

Applications include: fixing aluminium and PVCu nosings and extrusions to concrete and wooden stairs; carpet grippers to most sub floors without using tacks or nails; most types of wall cladding, direct wall studding, internal wall surfaces or timber battens; direct fixing of battens, architrave, etc. to walls without other fixings; and fixing floor boarding and skirting boards.

MT460 has excellent adhesion to brick, concrete, blockwork, wood, plywood, chipboard, hardboard, plasterboard, insulation materials (except polystyrene), laminated plastics metals and ceramics.

  • Powerful construction adhesive with very high initial grab and rapid development of final bond
  • Instant grab can minimise the need for additional clamping or other mechanical supports
  • Gap filling formulation forms a strong bond even with irregular or uneven substrates
  • Excellent resistance to weathering - suitable for internal and external applications
  • Bonds almost any typical construction material including masonry, timber, plastics, metals and ceramics

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