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Butyl Tape NT

ME407 is a cold, self-adhesive membrane for vapour, air & watertight joints between exterior wall sections & load-bearing structures.


ME407 is used to make various joints and exterior wall sections internally vapour and airtight, externally watertight, and to create pressure equalisation in the exterior wall structure.

  • UV resistant film/backing
  • The adhesive layer remains flexible at high and extremely low temperatures and does not extrude
  • Does not cause staining on the substrate, so the adhesive layer does not dry out
  • Bonds to virtually all existing substrates
  • Does not require preheating before or during application
  • Provides permanent grip
  • Very high vapour tightness, hence watertight and airtight also

Usage Guidelines

  • Bonding surfaces must be clean, and free from grease and other contaminants that could affect a sound bond.
  • Bonding surfaces must be stable and free from loose material.
  • On highly porous substrates (concrete, cellular concrete, plasterwork, etc.) as well as butyl tape overlaps, we advise priming with ME901 or ME902 Butyl & Bitumen Primer.
  • To determine the width dimension of the illbruck ME407 Butyl Tape NT, the following general rule applies: the width of the joint plus 100 mm bonding surface (50 mm either side).
  • To determine the total length required, the following general rule applies: when joined together, ME407 Butyl Tape NT should have an overlap of at least 50 mm.

Technical data

Basic Bonding Layer Modified butyl rubber adhesive
Film (Backing Material) Cross laminated ALU/ HDPE film
Protective Film PE film, siliconised
Fire ClassDIN 4102B2 (normally flammable)
UV Weather Resistance Excellent
Water Vapour Permeability4108-3Water vapour tight (sd value ≥500 m)
Vapour Diffusion ResistanceEN1931 Method Bμ > 1,000,000
Staining on Building Materials Compatible with many substrates
Temperature Resistance -20°C to +80°C
Application Temperature +5°C to +40°C
Storage  Rolls must be stored lying flat and level, in dry and dust-free conditions between +5°C and +35°C
Shelf Life 2 years when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging

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