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Mitre Kit

CY340 is a 2 part kit comprising a high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive & a spray applied activator. Ideal for the rapid bonding of mitred MDF and wood joints in the installation of kitchen units & fitted bedroom & office furniture.


For Interior Use

CY340 is ideal for the rapid bonding of mitred MDF and wood joints during the assembly of valances, pelmets and decorative trims in the installation of kitchen units and fitted bedroom and office furniture. Other uses include the rapid bonding of plastics, rubbers and wood.

  • 2 part kit for instant bonding (< 10 seconds) of wood and wood composite mitre joints
  • High viscosity formulation has excellent gap filling properties for irregular or uneven materials
  • Spray-applied Activator accelerates curing time and greatly improves bond strength
  • Improved bond strength on porous substrates compared to standard cyanoacrylate adhesive

Usage Guidelines

  • Surfaces must be clean, dry, smooth, firm and free from any traces of contaminant which may aect adhesion.
  • Metal surfaces must be degreased using AT200 High Strength Cleaner and completely dry before bonding.

Technical data

CompositionModified ethyl cyanoacrylate 
System Cross linking
Specific Gravity1.08
Viscosity (at 20°C) 1,300 - 1,700 cps
Flash Pointabove +85°C 
Drying Time (at 20°C)< 60 seconds (see application details)
Application Temperature+15°C to +25°C
Service Temperature-55°C to +80°C
Storage Store in dry shaded conditions between +5°C and +20°C
Shelf Life 12 months when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging. 

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