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Frame Protection Tape

AW401 Frame Protection Tape is a self-adhesive tape suitable for the protection of sensitive surfaces against dirt and damage during processing, transport, storage and installation.


For Interior and Exterior Use

AW401 is an adhesive film specially developed for the protection of frames during transportation, storage and installation. Typical substrates suitable for protection include painted metal (PVDF, polyester), plastic sheets (PVC, PC, melamine). It is particularly suitable for protecting window and door frames.


  • Protects sensitive surfaces from dirt, scratching, spillage
  • Easy application
  • Easy removal
  • 6 months UV resistance


  • The surface must be dry and free from oil, grease, dust and solvents.
  • Apply in temperatures between +10°C and +40°C.

Usage Guidelines

  • The surface must be free from oil, grease, dust and solvents.
  • Apply in temperatures between +10°C and +40°C. 

Health + Safety Precautions

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.


AW401 consists of a polyethylene film with acrylic adhesive.


Supplied in 100 m length rolls. Various roll widths are available. For more information, please contact an illbruck Area Sales Manager on 01942 251400.

Technical data

Thickness80 μm (QMP 21)* 
Peel Adhesion to Stainless Steel1.1±0.2 N/cm (QMP 02) *
Breaking Strength** (QMP 03) * Machine Direction (MD) Transverse Direction (TD)> 17 N/mm² > 11 N/mm²
Elongation at Break** Machine Direction (MD) Transverse Direction (TD)> 180% > 380% 
Resistance to MoistureGood
Resistance to SolventsModerate
UV Resistance6 months
StorageStore rolls at temperature below 40°C
Shelf Life6 months from date of production when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging
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