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Hybrid Sealant & Adhesive

SP523 Dymonic is a one component, non-sagging sealant based on hybrid polymers.


SP523 Dymonic is recommended for construction sealing such as joints in façades, rainscreens and curtain walls; perimeter joints around windows, doors and rooflights; and high movement joints. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Suitable for high heat and humid application conditions
  • Good resistance to UV, ageing and weathering
  • Fast cure compared to similar products - up to 2.5 mm in the first day
  • Movement accommocation factor: 25%
  • Low odour and non-corrosive
  • Solvent and isocyanate free
  • Compatible with most common construction materials
  • Overpainting possible is paint compatiblity checked prior to use

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