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Foam Gun Ultra

This ultra-high quality gun has been specially designed for the professional end-user. The hybrid design, with metal and thermoplastic material parts is solvent and stick proof. A PTFE coating on metal parts makes cleaning and maintenance easier. We recommend this gun for use with our professional PU and water based foams.


Fur use with all 1K NBS foams.

  • Garantietermijn: 2 jaar
  • kwaliteitsgarantie: > 300 K

Technical data

ositioningPremium duty
NBS SealYes
PTFE SkinYes - adapter, rod, body and nozzle
Frame MaterialHybrid
Unlock ScrewYes
Soft GripYes
Performance Span>300,000
Warranty2 Years
Dimensions350 x 210 x 50 mm

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