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Thermal Window Installation System

SY001 Thermal Window Installation System is a highly innovative system which facilitates the installation and perimeter sealing of windows into typical backing wall openings. The finished installation provides an airtight and weather tight seal and also enhances the thermal properties of the window by avoiding thermal bridges such as those resulting from the use of metal dead-load support angles. The SY001 profile options provide projections from the backing wall from 35 - 200 mm and can be mechanically fixed or bonded to SFS or solid type construction. Whilst the full system forms a complete surround to the window, removing the need for membranes, a single length of the appropriate profile can alternatively be used as a dead-load support. Once the SY001 is installed, windows can be sealed in a number of ways including using the illbruck i3 system or multi-function Trio tapes.


SY001 is an installation system for windows which project into the insulation zone forward of backing walls (35 – 200 mm) and provides dead load support, full perimeter airtight and weather tight performance whilst improving the thermal performance of the window installation. By replacing a traditional steel support angle with a thermally efficient profile, the risk of interstitial condensation is also reduced.

  • Improved thermal performance
  • Improved acoustic performance up to 49 dB
  • Simplifies window installation – no need for complicated membrane installations
  • Windows can be removed, replaced and resealed without removing the façade (4-sided only)
  • High load capability – accommodates heavy windows/doors with ease
  • Suitable for use with solid wall or lightweight SFS construction
  • Enables early sealing of the weather-tight envelope
  • Full system application ensures compatibility and proof of performance
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