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PE Joint Backer Rod

PR102 is a closed cell polyethylene (PE) circular foam suitable for providing a backer to sealant joints, avoiding three-sided adhesion. PR102 is rot-proof and chemically neutral.


For Interior and Exterior Use

PR102 is used as a foam backing rod behind the sealant joint, for quality sealant work. When positioned correctly it ensures correct joint dimensions. PR102 avoids 3-sided adhesion, allowing the joint to move more efficiently.

  • Ensures correct sealant geometry
  • Prevents excess material usage
  • Avoids three-sided adhesion
  • Excellent value for money

Usage Guidelines

  • Select a diameter greater than the joint width to ensure the backer rod is compressed when installed (typically 25% compression is acceptable). 
  • Push into the joint to a depth appropriate to the required depth of sealant. Ensure the depth is consistent along the joint length. 
  • Take care not to puncture the material as gas may be emitted from the cell structure which can react with the applied sealant. If this does happen, wait minimum of 30 minutes before applying sealant.


Dimensions (diameter)Packaging
6 mm2,500 m/box
10 mm1,150 m/box
13 mm750 m/box
15 mm550 m/box
20 mm350 m/box
25 mm200 m/box
30 mm160 m/box
40 mm270 m/box
50 mm180 m/box

Technical data

Material TypeClosed cell PE foam
Specific Gravity25
Thermal Conductivity0.04 W/m.K
Water Vapour Transmission< 4 g/m²/24 h/50 mm
Water Absorption< 1% volume after 24 h
Service Temperature-70°C to +90°C
StorageStore in original containers. Do not compress. Store between +1°C and +20°C
Shelf LifeUnlimited when stored as recommended in original, unopened containers

*Select a diameter greater than the joint width to ensure that the backer rod is compressed and held firmly when installed ( 25% compression is acceptable)



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