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Innovative insulating technology in a can. The new illbruck JF100


Until now, filling joints as part of dry construction and door and window installation work was a rather unpleasant task.


The foams which were used required special protective work clothing, gloves and respiratory protection; they were difficult to remove and leftover product had to be disposed of as hazardous waste. That's a thing of the past with the new illbruck JF100 joint filler:

Spray.Tool. Done.

Once again, tremco illbruck is demonstrating its leadership in technology with its JF100 joint filler, which is designed to seal and insulate internal joints.

This innovative product allows users to fill joints in the shortest time possible, creating joint seals which provide high levels of insulation and sound-proofing up to 60 dB.Its water-based formulation brings numerous improvements for users of the product and also for residents: illbruck JF100 is 100% free from isocyanates, meaning that it is EC1PLUS-certified and can therefore be freely used in interiors. As it is not damaging to the health, using this product requires fewer health and safety provisions – a pair of safety glasses to protect the eyes is amply sufficient. Work can also proceed much more quickly, as this new insulating product is simple to use, very easy to remove and even disposal is not a problem under the Dual System in Germany.

The patent for the new development is pending. Another plus point for the professionals is the ergonomically-shaped can with its innovative 2 in 1 adapter for application using a pipe or a gun, which has won the iF Design Award 2016.

Significantly quicker and easier renovation and refurbishment work

illbruck JF100 is particularly well suited to renovation and refurbishment projects: it adheres to all standard construction sub-surfaces and provides a high level of heat and noise insulation. It can easily withstand movement between building elements, thanks to its high level of elasticity of approx. 25%. The ergonomically-shaped can means that even areas which are difficult to access can be quickly and precisely filled. The joint is ready straight after filling, with no need for any reinforcing or finishing work.Leftover product can simply be smoothed over and the rest can be wiped away with water. Nor is there any need for elaborate cleaning products for the hands or for tools; they can simply be washed with water.


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