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European patent granted for multi-function tapes with “step” technology: Uniqueness confirmed


It’s official: tremco illbruck has obtained the European patent for our new multi-function tapes TP321 illmod trioplex eco and TP652 Compriband Trio Plus. This highly innovative Cologne company therefore has the sole right to manufacture and market multi-function tapes with the unique illbruck “step” technology.


It was just ten years ago when tremco illbruck revolutionised the sealing market with the first illbruck multi-function tapes. For the first time it became possible to seal all three sealing levels in window joints (inner, central, outer) in a single step – whilst still meeting the latest engineering standards and RAL fitting guidelines.

With the new “step” technology, the two tapes now patented represent a further improvement in terms of air sealing, energy saving, healthy living and ease of fitting. They were first presented by tremco illbruck in October 2015, and are an integral part of the illbruck i3 window sealing system. The uniqueness of the tapes is the inside of the tape, which is doubled to create a “step”. This “EXTRA” material leads to strong compression of the foam, which makes the tape particularly easy to fit, gives it excellent insulating properties and keeps the joints free of mould. In detail this means:   

  • The higher compression gives the tapes a more closed foam structure, increasing the internal Sd value and making the tape more moisture-proof on the inside than the outside. Because the joints are permanently dried out over the whole area of functioning, the formation of mould is avoided.
  • The compression also provides improved airtightness (BGR) on the inside, which has an energy-saving effect.
  • The wedge shape makes them easier and more reliable to fit due to the longer compression and ease of handling of the multi-function tape, and also because the form in which they are supplied is smaller than the smallest area of application.
  • EC1-PLUS certification confirms that they are suitable without restriction for healthy building design.

illbruck TP652 Compriband Trio Plus offers a multi-functional area of application with 30 different options – six different frame widths each with five different areas of use are available. Outstandingly suited to passive houses, new buildings, renovations and also merely as thermal insulation. Professional sealing quality: permanently resistant to driving rain (BG1 or BG2) and airtight (BGR). 10-year additional manufacturer’s warranty as part of the illbruck i3 window sealing system.

illbruck TP321 illmod trioplex eco is suitable for concealed joints and with two areas of application will fit all standard building depths from 58 to 88 mm. It meets the required characteristics for resistance to driving rain (BG2), airtightness (BGR) and thermal insulation.

The patent (European patent EP 1 811 111) runs for ten years up to 2026.

Healthy innovative strength

tremco illbruck has justifiably been regarded as one of the leaders of innovation in the sealing industry for 60 years. 30% of our products are less than five years old. New products are continuously developed, tested and manufactured in our five networked European centres of competency. More than once, tremco illbruck has redefined standards in the industry. Because the products are designed to work together perfectly, intelligent, long-term system solutions are available for the high-quality sealing of windows, facades and interiors. Numerous quality marks are testimony to their quality and suitability in practice. These solutions are embedded in a holistic concept of services for architects, specialist planners and processors, building owners and retailers.

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