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Multi-Use Construction Adhesive

PU700 is a rapid curing polyurethane foam adhesive which can be applied by gun or straw.


PU700 is an innovative solution for bonding bricks / blocks which can replace traditional mortar.

Can also be used as a high performance wood and joinery adhesive.

  • An innovative solution for bonding bricks / blocks that can replace traditional mortar
  • High performance wood and joinery adhesive
  • Ideal for bonding a wide range of construction materials including steel and foam
  • Rapid curing – joint can be handled / maneuvered within 10 minutes, and cures fully within 24 hours
  • Easy to use: no mixing, no water, no dust, no specialist tools or equipment required
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Excellent long-term resistance to seawater, limewater, dilute acids and caustic solutions

Technical data

CompositionPolyurethane Foam
ConformanceEN 204/205D4
Fire ClassEN 13501-1Class E, B2
Open Time3 cm in width at 23°C and 50% RH8 minutes
Tack Free Time3 cm in width at 23°C and 50% RH8 minutes
Loading Time24 hours
Tensile StrengthFEICA TM 101810,500 kPa

Application Temperature*

*Application temperature of -5°C applies only if the surface is dry

Canister: +10°C to +30°C

Ambient: -5°C to +35°C

Service Temperature

Short Term: -40°C to +130°C

Long Term: -40°C to +90°C

StorageStore in shaded, dry conditions between +10°C and +25°C
Store canisters upright
Shelf Life12 months when stored as recommended in original, unopened containers
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