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Breather Membrane UV + Fire

ME010 is a highly vapour open, hydrophobic polyester-based breather membrane, and with Euroclass B fire rating can also be used where a fire rating is required.


This breather membrane can be directly laid on sheathing board or thermal insulation behind partially or fully open rain screen façades or curtain walling.

  • Permanently UV-resistant
  • Class B (s3-d0) to EN13501-1 - fixed to Class A2 mineral wool insulation or 'free-hanging'
  • Highest range of in-service temperature resistance
  • Highly vapour open
  • Non-branded, plain black finish - suitable for visible applications
  • Airtight and weather-tight
  • Available with self-adhesive strip

Usage Guidelines

  • Apply the membrane horizontally, starting from the bottom to ensure natural water run-off, fixing each sheet with staples or SP525 adhesive to the sheathing board or other substrate.
  • When applying the membrane from the roll, to achieve maximum UV stability, and to ensure a good bond (if applicable) the outer (fleece) face of the membrane must be orientated towards the structure, and the inner (smooth) face must be left exposed to the UV light.
  • For fixing (mechanical or bonding), a supporting area of minimum 40 mm is required.
  • For correct joint formation, a minimum overlap of 100 mm is required. If not using self-adhesive, seal the overlap with SP525, OT301, ME315 or ME316 tape for a wind tight connection.
  • Mechanical damage, penetrations or connections should be sealed with SP525, SP925, OT301, ME315 or ME316 depending on the application. If unsure, please contact tremco illbruck for advice.
  • When likely to be exposed to weather for an extended period, it is recommended that the membrane is adhered around the full perimeter. This prevents damage due to ingress of wind behind the membrane. It is also beneficial to apply dabs of adhesive at approximately 500 mm centres across the surface area to aid membrane stability.
  • In combination with an interior vapour barrier with sd value >2 m (e.g. illbruck ME003), a condensation risk analysis will not be necessary.

Technical data

PropertyTest MethodResult
Grammage Approx. 160 g/m² 
Thickness EN 1849-2Approx. 0.5 mm
Dimensional AccuracyEN 1107-2 < 1% 
Reaction to FireDIN 4102B1
Reaction to FireEN 13501-1 Class B (s3-d0)
Fire Code Figure SwitzerlandVKF5.2
Resistance to Water Penetration EN1928W1
After AgeingEN 1297/1296W1
Maximum Tensile Strength - Lengthwise/CrosswiseDIN 12311-1Approx. 400/230 N ± 15%
After AgeingEN 1297/1296>75 % of value as new
Elongation of Break - Lengthwise/CrosswiseEN 12311-1Approx. 30/35% ± 15%
After Ageing EN 1297/1296>75 % of value as new
Tear Growth Resistance / Nail ShankEN 12310-1Approx. 100 / 120 N ± 15%
Vapour Diusion - Equivalent Air Layer Thickness EN ISO 12572 SSd-value: Approx. 0.04 m
Air PermeabilityEN 12114 Approx. 0.1m³/m².h.50 Pa
Service TemperatureEN 13859-1 -40°C to +150°C
Flexural Behaviour in Cold ConditionsEN 1109 < -20°C 
UV Resistance Permanent
Storage Store in shaded, dry conditions and avoid stacking pallets
Shelf Life 1 year when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging

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