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Façade UV & Fire Membrane

ME010 is a water and air tight but vapour permeable polyester based breather membrane in two basic formats highly suited for use as a monolithic breather membrane for sealing around window, door, and curtain wall perimeter tolerance joints (slit into a range of widths), or for sealing sheathing board to board or sheathing board to structure joints (supplied on 1,500 mm x 50 m rolls or in a smaller range of widths). ME010 complies with the reaction to fire classification Class B-s3, d0 according to EN13501-1 when used as a monolithic breather membrane, linear gap or window perimeter membrane seal, in conjunction with SP025 Fire Membrane Adhesive. Class B-s1, d0 achieved.


This high performance breather membrane can be directly laid on sheathing board or thermal insulation behind partially or fully open rain screen façades or curtain walling. ME010 is a highly vapour open, watertight, polyester-based breather membrane, with Class B-s1, d0 to EN13501-1 –including adhesive, tested by MPA Hannover. Suitable for full façade or window perimeter sealing applications.

  • Permanently UV-resistant
  • Class B-s1, d0 to EN13501-1 – fixed to Class A2-s1, d0 mineral wool insulation or sheathing board. Tested with SP025 adhesive as a system
  • High range of in-service temperature resistance
  • Highly vapour-open
  • Non-branded, plain black finish - suitable for visible applications
  • Airtight and weather-tight
  • Available with self-adhesive strip

Technical data

PropertyTest MethodResult
Grammage ~ 160 g/m² 
Thickness EN 1849-2~ 0.5 mm
Reaction to FireDIN 4102B1
Reaction to FireEN 13501-1 Class B-s1, d0, fixed to mineral wool or sheathing board, (min. A2-s1, d0), including SP025 Adhesive
Resistance to Water Penetration EN1928W1
After AgeingEN 1297/1296W1
Maximum Tensile Strength - Lengthwise/CrosswiseDIN 12311-1Approx. 400/230 N ± 15%
After AgeingEN 1297/1296>75 % of value as new
Elongation of Break - Lengthwise/CrosswiseEN 12311-1~ 30/35% ± 15%
After Ageing EN 1297/1296>75 % of value as new
Tear Growth Resistance / Nail ShankEN 12310-1~ 100 / 120 N ± 15%
Vapour Diusion - Equivalent Air Layer Thickness EN ISO 12572 SSd-value: ~ 0.04 m
Air PermeabilityEN 12114 ~ 0.1m³/m².h.50 Pa
Service TemperatureEN 13859-1 -40°C to +150°C
Flexural Behaviour in Cold ConditionsEN 1109 < -20°C 
UV Resistance Permanent
StorageStore in shaded, dry conditions and avoid stacking pallets
Shelf Life1 year when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging

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