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You’ve watched the World Cup – now kick poor installations into touch


Last month, we got a fantastic response to our Rugby World Cup-themed social media giveaway, which saw six lucky installers walk away with official World Cup polo-shirts!

And now, we want to help you kick poor installations into touch. It’s time to put silicone in the sin bin, break through the scrum of competitors and stand out from the crowd with exceptional installations – with the help of state-of-the-art installation tape!

Here are just some of the ways you can score big with illbruck’s TP range of installation tapes.

Lightning-fast installations

Installing with silicone requires a lot of patience and a very steady hand. It takes years of skill and experience to perfect it. 

Our TP tapes, on the other hand, are a breeze to use. Simply remove the backing tape, apply it, and it steadily expands to effectively seal all gaps and spaces between the frame and wall! 

The result? A neat finish that, unlike silicone, won’t go grubby after just a few months of exposure to the elements. 

The perfect finish

Silicone isn’t just a pain to use, though – it can be extremely messy too.

It gets everywhere. And if you’re unfortunate enough to try and use it on a windy day, you’ll soon find it looks like you’ve taken a can of silly string to your customer’s patio.

Our TP tapes, by contrast, give you a neat, tidy finish in no team. Choose tape, and the homeowner will thank you later!

Noise reduction

Poor quality installations leave your customers at risk from one of the biggest and fastest-growing bugbears of modern life – noise.

Blaring TVs, pounding stereos, busy roads and barking dogs can all make life a misery – and there’s mounting evidence it can have long-term impacts on health, too.

Tapes like our TP653 Trio X can offer noise reduction of 50dB – that’s the difference between a rock band a conversation!

Usable in all winds and weathers

All it takes is a bit of rain, and, if you’re using silicone, the installation has to stop. In a country with a climate as unpredictable as ours, that’s a major problem.  

Rain is an inescapable part of British life – but our TP tapes can be used in almost weathers. That means no more rain stops play!

Fantastic air-tightness and energy efficiency

Our range of installation tapes offer world-class energy efficiency and air-tightness – meaning they’re a perfect fit for an era when going green is more urgent than ever.

The higher the rate of compression a sealant product offers, the better it is at keeping the heat in, and the elements out!

Our installation tapes offer exceptional rates of compression thanks to their thicker construction, equalling outstanding performance!

Give installation tape a try

So if you’re looking to take the trophy for best installation in your area, here’s what to do – talk to illbruck today about the many benefits of impregnated tape!