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illbruck – Your Starter for a Perfect Project

The first brand to implement the new structure is illbruck. It now has a clear role in the market – as a brand that completely covers anything you need for sealing and bonding of windows, façades and interiors. Greater transparency, easier access and increased reliability are just some of the advantages gained. Advantages that will considerably facilitate your work. Easier Integration of New and Modified ProductsThe new system will allow us to truly concentrate on collaborating with you – to improve existing products and to develop new ones. In the future, innovations will widen and supplement an already comprehensive product range that is based on your needs and demands: Easy to communicate, easy to stock and recommend, easy to purchase, and easy to apply.

Clear Design Boosts Shelf Impact

As an added value illbruck products now show a markedly improved packaging design. Its color coding, its easy to understand pictograms and its easily identifiable, unified appearance make for maximum shelf impact. The color code provides for more order in the store and for quick access to all pertinent information. Installers will save time in choosing their product. And merchants save time in explaining, as well as in training their staff.