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Two versions of ME010 Façade UV and Fire Membrane are available. - - - Version 1: ME010 Façade UV and Fire Membrane can be used as a breather membrane. It is a monolithic covering and is supplied on a 1500mm x 50m furled log and is applied to the substrates with the specially coated gloss face outermost. This is applied directly over thermal insulation or to the sheathing boards to provide protection to the built up wall layers in a closed, open, or partially open façade. ME010 Facade UV & Fire Membrane as a breather membrane has Class B-s3,d0 Reaction to Fire according EN 13501-1 when applied to substrates of at least a Class A2-s1,d0 Reaction to Fire. - - - Version 2: ME010 Façade UV & Fire Membrane is available in various slit widths from 60mm to 450mm as standard (as shown in the picture). This variant can be used as a membrane seal to the external perimeters of glazed units such as windows, doors, and curtain walling to provide a reliable air and water tight but breathable seal to the construction joint between the frame and backing wall. This variant is also used to close and seal the horizontal and vertical linear joints between sheathing boards and the main structure. When bonded to the glazing frame and structure with illbruck SP025 Fire Membrane Adhesive, the combination has Class B-s1, d0 Reaction to Fire according to EN 13501-1. - - - Both variations of ME010 are often used together to form a fully conjoined barrier layer around the building envelope and structural openings that is consistent with the Building Regulations Approved Document L and BS 5250 The management of moisture in buildings-code of practice.


ME010 is a permanently UV stable specially coated polyester based, airtight, water tight and vapour permeable membrane that is compliant with the regulatory requirements of Approved Document B, Part B4 Regulation 7 making them highly suited to use on “Relevant Buildings”. Available in two versions - as a breather membrane applied directly over thermal insulation or to sheathing board. Also, available as a slit version membrane seal to the external perimeters of glazed units.

The technical performance of ME010 in both variants has been independently assessed according to the relevant EN Harmonised Standards both as new and after ageing, with performance of the aged membrane verified far in excess of 75% of the as new condition. When sealing at low thresholds subject to regular or permanent wetting, ME220 EPDM Membrane should be used at the sill in conjunction with ME010 to the head and jambs. ME010 must be bonded to ME220 with OT015 Adhesive. Consult CPG UK for further information. When applying ME010 as both a window perimeter seal and to the façade, the window application should be completed first, followed by the façade application. The connection of the trailing edge of the membrane to the structure should be completed as soon as possible. Avoid leaving the trailing edge open to the effects of wind to reduce the possibility of damage to the partially installed membrane. ME010 on the façade should be adhered (using SP025 adhesive) to the ME010 Membrane at the window interface to ensure continuity of the temporary weather tight line. For further information regarding SP025 adhesive please consult technical data sheet, available from website (www. An optional termination bar may be considered to provide mechanical retention of the membrane.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

  • Permanently UV-resistant
  • Reaction to Fire Class B
  • Easy to apply, fold, and manipulate
  • Weathertight after 24 hours to EN 1928 and resistant to wind driven rain
  • Highly airtight - Passiv Haus levels of tightness can be achieved
  • Breathable (vapour open)
  • High range of in-service temperature resistance
  • Environmentally friendly EC1+
EC1 Plus
ME010 Declaration of Performance (en-GB).pdf Declaration of Performance
ME010 Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets
ME010 Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
ME010 Air Tight EC1 plus Certification (en-GB).pdf Certification