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Compriband Trio Plus

TP652 is an open cell, flexible polyurethane foam impregnated with flame-retarding modified synthetic resin. It is solvent free and self adhesive for easy use. TP652 differs from standard impregnated foams due to the innovative illbruck composite step technology, indicated by the extra layer of grey foam towards the inner face. This results in multi-functional capability providing airtightness to Passive House levels, and in addition, a higher sd value, which means increased vapour tightness on the inside of the joint. As with all illbruck impregnated tapes, weather tightness is assured (600 Pa minimum) and the greater depth into the joint ensures the thermal performance of the window is maintained.


This multi-functional sealing tape is used to provide an airtight and driving rain-resistant seal to window and door joints while also having thermal-insulating properties across the entire depth of the perimeter gap. The newly developed inner step band and the greater interior compression from it meets demands in Passive Housing, new building and renovation. TP652 meets the requirement “tighter inside than out“ in relation to water vapour diffusion according to the RAL assembly guidelines.

  • Multi-functional and wide area of application    
  • 600 Pa, BG1 and BGR tested according to DIN 18542
  • Complies with the requirements of the RAL assembly guidelines
  • Wedge-shape for easy assembly

    Technical data


    PropertyTest MethodResult
    Building ClassificationDIN 4102B1, low flammability
    Exposure class for Impregnated Foam TapesDIN 18542BG1 + BGR
    Thermal ConductivityDIN 52612λ = 0.048 W/(m.K)
    U-Value: Window construction depth 60mm0.8 W/(m² · K)
    U-Value: Window construction depth 70mm0.7 W/(m² · K)
    U-Value: Window construction depth 80mm0.6 W/(m² · K)
    Water vapour diffusion, sd value externallyDIN EN ISO 12572< 0.5 m
    Water Vapour GradientInside tighter due to step band
    Joint PermiabilityDIN EN 1026α < 0.1 m³/[h ·m· (daPa)²/³]
    Resistant to Driving RainDIN EN 1027600 Pa
    Acoustic InsulationDIN EN ISO 717-168 db in 20mm joint in combination with SP525
    Compatibility with conventional materialsDIN 18 542Specified according to BG1, carry out a compatibility test in products with solvents or plasticisers
    Emissions TestAgBB/DIBTSuitable for interior spaces
    Service Temperature-30°C to +80°C
    StorageStore rolls horizintally and in original carton between =8°C and +20°C in dry conditions and away from direct sunlight. Re-Seal packaging between use to prevent expansion during storage
    Shelf Life9 months when stored in its original unopened containers.


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